OBLASTONE provide luxury through innovative handcrafted concrete designs!

OBLASTONE provide luxury through innovative handcrafted concrete designs!


Everything begins in a meeting with our clients, where it is oriented to the best option in design, texture, colors and others, so that your home, office or commercial area have a fantastic appearance. Its surface is prepared to adhere strongly to our surface. Then, our products adapt to each level. You can be confident in every step of the job, our craftsmen have years of experience in this work and have a team of collaborators to guarantee an excellent result.

We have craftsmen with more than 12 years of experience!



A sampling panel will be produced according to your specifications and will be approved before applying the color to your project, ensuring your satisfaction with the final color scheme.

A detailed process of texturing by hand, carving, coloring and grouting will ensure that you achieve the most realistic look possible by drawing the character of the objects, materials, colors and textures of your environment. A zone supervisor will be visiting the project giving support and guaranteeing the final result is the best.

Oblastone Company uses the product Limecoat, it is the original product for overlay created in Dallas Tx. The company Oblastone has authorized the use and management in the areas of Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander and its surrounding areas.

Step by Step Process

pression washing

1. Power-Washing

We make sure that the surface is completely clean.

2. Undercoat

Priming ensures better adhesion of Oblastone material to the surface, increases durability, and provides additional protection.

3. Oblastone Application

Oblastone application. About a quarter of an inch.

4. Texture

The craftsman makes a texture on the surface according to the chosen model.

5. Design

Handmade design. (Romi-Stone, Flag-Stone), each design is unique and different for each project.

6. Polymer Spray

Application of a polymer that facilitates adhesion at the time of painting.

7. Painted

Multiple tones, colors can be applied to obtain the desired result for clients.

8. Grout

The application of a mixture of specialized elements and the right color result in a very natural look to your chosen design.

9. Sealer

The craftsmen seal the surface protecting all the work done. Must be resealed after 3 years.

10. Mastic Joint

Each join is filled by a flexible mastic that allows to adapt to the movements of the surface.

11. Final Retouch

A detailed inspection of each work area is made adjusting if necessary.

Finished Work

The work looks beautiful and the result is amazing. Our clients receive work from the supervisor.

¨ I was intrigued how such a realistic large stone pattern was produced without any repetition. It was as if the patio had been carved in place to fit the surroundings. I’d soon find out that’s exactly what was done ¨

Mike CampbellLawyer

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